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Current Projects

Current Restoration Projects that Leadfoot's team is working on.

Current projects


1968 ford mustang shelby gt500

"I love Horsepower."


        -Carroll Shelby


This GT500 was a local "barn find" that was hiding out just a few miles from our shop.  It is a true GT500 that is in the midst of a rotisserie restoration and will be finished in the factory original colors of Highland Green over Black interior.  Before the paint was applied, a red oxide primer coat was applied over the whole car just as the factory would have done as the car made its way through the paint area in '68.  Over top of the red oxide, the Highland Green was applied with overspray left in areas under the car and in the engine bay to mimic a factory paint job.  

1970 Plymouth AAR 'cuda


"My car, as it got low on fuel, became more and more difficult to hook up. I had to finesse it (into corners) and go like hell (on the straights)."             -dan gurney

Our 'Cuda is a real AAR "special" option car.  This car left the factory on March 18, 1970 covered in the color of Moulon Rouge, with black vinyl bucket seats inside, and a 340ci V8 under the "Fresh Air Hood".  The car has been in the local area for quite a long time - while cleaning the car out our team found a flyer from a local drag strip, and a time slip..........and the E.T. was pretty darn good!  Once the car was stripped, our team found a number of different panels that needed to be replaced including the rear fenders and a small area on the floor board.  New rear fenders were welded in, body panels were mounted and aligned, and then the car was wheeled into our Spray-Tech paint booth for a fresh coat of Moulin Rouge paint.    


1964 porsche 356c karmann coupe

"I couldn't find the sportscar of my dreams, so i built it myself."       -Ferdinand Porsche

This project 356C came to us as a partial trade for another vehicle we had in our showroom.  The curvy car came in as a perfect candidate for a rotisserie restoration.  Our team ordered a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Porsche in order to verify some of the options and what color the car left the factory wearing.  The car is being restored to its original color combination of Black over black interior.  The power plant is a 1600cc Unit (1600S) so it puts out about 75 horsepower.   

1971 jaguar xk-e coupe

"it doesn't cost any more to make something pretty."  -sir william lyons

A good friend of ours brought us this car from Colorado in the back of a Ryder truck.  Upon arrival, he threw open the door and said, "well there it is!"  "It" was a pretty stripped body, and boxes and boxes of parts.  This car was a perfect candidate for a rotisserie restoration.  Since its arrival, our team has worked through the boxes of parts, stripped the car down to a shell, repainted it, and now the car is being re-assembled.  Piece by piece, this car becomes more and more pleasing to the eye.  

1969 ford cobra torino drag pack

"not bad for a coupe."                     -Don Garlits

The Cobra Torino was brought into our shop after a partial trade for another vehicle we had at our dealership.  A partial restoration of the car had been started by another shop, so our team went through the car double checking the work of the other shop and correcting a few things here and there.  Finding some of the Cobra Torino specific parts needed to continue with the restoration process was challenging.  The whole car has been given a once over from the engine, to the exterior paint and body work, to the interior.  This muscle car is nearing the end of the restoration process.  A healthy motor, glass-like finish on the paint, and a nicely finished interior will impress those who lay eyes on this classic!

UPDATE!  This awesome car is now complete and for sale!  To find more information and pictures, please click the following link which will take you to our dealership website:  https://leadfootmusclecars.com/vehicles/670/1969-ford-cobra-torino  

1930 pierce boys track-nose roadster


“For us, we love traditional Hot Rods and just like them, we made a project car in our own image.”       -pierce boys



This is a customer car that is very unique.  Our team will be working through the process of making adjustments to the body panels to make sure they fit just right, fitting louvers and the grill, and painting the body in a gorgeous color that the Pierce Boys have picked for this car.

The body has been hand-formed by the Pierce Boys in aluminum and steel to resemble 1930’s to 1960’s Indy and Grand Prix racers.  The father and son team have hand-built themselves a very cool car and we are excited to be a part of their special project.  Be sure to take a look at their website (www.pierceboysroadsters.com) to see more build progress pics, build details, and an excellent video showing the car in motion in its raw form!

1973 american motors amx


"if you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower."         -mark donohue

This AMX is a car that we are restoring for a customer which has an interesting story.  Mike, the current owner of this AMX had an AMX way back when these cars first appeared in dealer showrooms.  He bought one new and ended up selling it about three years later.  Fast-forward about 40 years, Mike was cruising along and saw an AMX just sitting beside a barn that looked like it had been sitting there a while.  He figured he would stop and knock on the door of the house on the property and see if they wanted to sell it.  The more and more he looked at the car, the more he felt it was maybe his old AMX that he bought new back in the early ’70’s.  As it turns out, the person was willing to sell the car, and after some sleuthing Mike figured out that it is indeed his old car!  This is definitely a cool story which makes this project a little more fun for our Restoration Shop team.  Progress pics will be posted periodically as our team works through the process of bringing this car back to its former glory.  It will be finished in Gloss Black with a Black vinyl top.  




"The interesting thing about the automobile industry is that kind of like detroit, you know who your competition is and every 10 days you'll see how you are doing in comparison to them."                        -John z. delorean

This real, numbers matching Firebird Super Duty is a car that was purchased from our dealership by our customer in the fall of 2016.  He's had some fun with the car since he purchased it but felt it needed some freshening up.  (Looks like some of the fun included lighting some tires up as evidenced by the rubber on the rear quarter panels.)  He decided that he would really like the paint to be re-applied and body panels to be re-aligned and dialed in just right.  A perfect job for our body shop!  Prior to bringing the car to us, he pulled the engine, exterior trim, interior, and other bits and pieces, so the job is a little easier for our team.  Firebirds of this vintage are familiar to our team since we restored a Cameo White, Numbers Matching, 4-Speed '74 Firebird Super Duty in early 2016.  That particular car ended up rolling across the auction block and Mecum Indy and being sold, sold, sold!!  Our team is excited to work on this Admiralty Blue Super Duty, it's going to be a jaw-dropper when complete!